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Sony A7 IV - Sony 50mm f1.8, Sony 28-70mm, Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8
Lead Photographer

OurSeaMoss - A Nutritional, Affordable, and Incredibly Tasty Food

During my collaboration with OurSeaMoss, a truly nourishing food brand focused on Seamoss, I had the privilege of infusing their identity with a personal touch. We delved deep into their essence to create a brand that felt like a dear friend, using warm colors and inviting typography. Through heartfelt photography and captivating videos, we celebrated the natural beauty and incredible health benefits of Seamoss, forging a genuine connection with health-conscious individuals. Together, with my expertise in marketing and photo/video work, we built OurSeaMoss into a trusted and compassionate brand, dedicated to empowering people on their wellness journeys.

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